An Update on Developments at The Morgans

June 2024

With the upcoming completion of more facilities at our site in Pauatahanui we are re-positioning to expand what’s on offer. As you will have noticed there is an Art Park being developed on our adjacent site, a walking/cycling track around the complete site, an outdoor ampitheatre for Performing Arts and a dining venue (for hire) in the new building. What you will not have seen is the construction of a Function Centre north of the course over the hill behind the sculptures, or the development of a conservation sanctuary across the other side of Transmission Gully where we once had a pine forest.

These developments form part of our plan to make our site a multi-activity destination for a wide variety of users.

These facilities will be available primarily by prior appointment. Unlike the golf course, they will not operate daily for all-commers although there will be public days from time-to-time. As a consequence we are installing security gates at the entrance to our carpark that when shut they can be opened only by PIN. An additional security PIN check for golfers will continue to operate at the pedestrian gate adjacent to the Old Clubhouse. We continue to have issues with free-loaders on the golf course, but we are addressing it via de-registration of cheats.

Opening hours for Golf: Weekday play has been re-instated. The availability of the course however will be subject to the demands of other users of the wider facilities. If the facility has been booked for a Group function that requires use of the course then it will be exclusively available to that booking only. There will be some occasions where the course is only open for restricted hours.

Course Modification: You will also have noticed two new Par 3 holes under construction. These – 7a and 7b – will offer an alternative to playing the Par Five No 7, if you’re focussing on your short game. The No 7 remains as the hole on our official playing card.

Pricing: A lot of effort has gone in over recent years to improve the quality of our playing surface. We are keen to make good on our “Quality Course, Quality Time” mantra with continual improvement in the golfing experience. For public days we will retain our 20-minute gap between tee times to ensure Groups are not pressured by numbers on the course, and our efforts to make ours a dry playing surface all year round (unique in Wellington) remains a priority.

We are raising the price of a casual round significantly, all multipass prices much less. As well as being a consequence of the higher costs of maintaining a higher quality of playing surface, this change is designed to reduce the pressure of numbers on the course during weekends and public holidays and to ensure you get your 20 minute space to enjoy your time here. We encourage all users to give us feedback when your playing time is compromised by another group not teeing off as per their allotted time.

We have a “look up table” on the website for you to calculate the price of a round under the various purchase conditions but the short of it is;

The highest price of a round for a Multipass Holder is $35 and it can get as low as $25 for a non-transferable, 20 round pass. It reduces further to $20 if playing weekdays or in a group of 3 or more). For the superkeen golfer who plays a lot (ie; more than 52 times per annum) that price drops further to as low as $15.50 per round – cheap as chips.

The Price regime is;

  • Single round of 9 Holes: $45
  • Equivalent price for Holder of a 10-Round, transferable MultiPass: $350
  • Equivalent price for Holder of a 10-Round, non-transferable MultiPass: $300
  • Equivalent price for Holder of a 20-Round, transferable MultiPass: $600
  • Equivalent price for Holder of a 20-Round, non-transferable MultiPass: $500

All multipasses issued from now on will expire 18 months from issuance.

The existing credits for weekday attendance versus weekend, or playing in a Group of 3 or 4, will remain in place. And the discounts for 6 and 12 months frequent ‘flyers’ will as well.

This pricing rewards our regular patrons and places access to our course for the casual player at a level appropriate to the quality of the experience provided.

Work out the cost of your next round

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1 - Congestion Avoidance Discounts and Frequency Discounts only apply to your individual player round in bookings. Other players in your booking are only eligible for discounts if they purchase their round using a shared booking with their own Morgans account. If you pay for their round via your account they are not eligible.

See the full Bonus Dollars terms and conditions.